Carpet Cleaning-Tips


If you have carpets at your home or offices, then you are supposed to clean them periodically. Carpet cleaning is really a nuisance and takes huge amount of time. Also, if your house is flooded with a huge number of people, especially children, then you ought to clean them regularly within short intervals of time.

Like any other business, there are also individuals who have adopted carpet cleaning as a full-time business. Professional carpet cleaners effectively clean the carpet, while giving it an original appearance. However, these professional do this at a very high cost. These carpet cleaners are very expensive and go beyond the reach of a large number of people. There is no doubt, regarding the quality of work they do. However, this quality work is being done at a significantly higher price, indicating that only a small group of people can avail this service.  Therefore, there has to be an alternative so that the needs of remaining majority can be fulfilled.  Below are some of the tips that lend you a hand in cleaning carpet effectively. If you follow these techniques, you would definitely enjoy desired results.

  • To clean carpets well, use a heat-based mechanism. Use hot water to clean your residential or office carpets. Hot-water extraction is a method used by most of the professional carpet cleaners. This method is also known as warm-water extraction or steam cleaning. It is a quick method and does deep cleaning. Regarding carpets cleaning, there are two types of techniques i.e. surface cleaning and deep cleaning. The former scheme only removes dirt superficially while the latter method does away with the unwanted stuff, present at the depths. So if are using hot water in cleaning carpets, you would get results quickly. While you are cleaning carpets, there are three factors that work in close collaboration to clean the carpets effectively. These factors include warmth of the cleaning water, dwell time and agitation. Dwell time is the amount of time the carpet remains immersed in hot water. As already mentioned, it is the combine efforts of these three factors that do this job. Now, if you are unable to optimize all of them, then you are supposed to over-concentrate in some specific field. For instance, if you are incapable of using sufficiently hot water, then you can still achieve favorable outcomes by increasing the dwelling time of the carpet. Greater the dwelling time of the carpet, greater would be the cleanness of the carpet.
  • While using the hot-water extraction method, it is necessary to use a detergent mixed in to the water. Detergent plays a vital role in attracting dust particles. The chosen detergent should be such that it does not react with the material of the carpet. Also, it should be such that it doesn’t shift the dirt and stains from one part of the carpet to the other.
  • Use rugs and mats to protect your carpet from unnecessary stuff. The portion of the carpet at the entrance should be covered with mats so that it doesn’t get very dirty.
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