Curtain Cleaning

At Quality Clean London, our specialist cleaning team can clean your curtains leaving them like new! Using the most advanced cleaning systems, solutions and equipment, we can thoroughly clean your curtains to the highest standard.

Household curtains can harbour thousands of microscopic dust mites. Curtains are effective air-filters, trapping airborne dust, odours, hairs, smoke and dead skin particles – creating the perfect habitat for dust mites, which can cause a wide range of allergic reactions, including eczema, dermatitis, asthma, dry coughs, hay fever and sinusitis.

At Quality Clean London, our dedicated cleaners can, eliminate these problems by deep cleaning your curtains and killing of all of the germs and allergens, leaving them looking clean and fresh.
We advise people to clean their curtains, swags, tails and pelmets at least every six months and much more regularly if anyone in the house suffers from asthma or allergies. Smoke and nicotine also attack curtain fibres.

To arrange your curtains to be cleaned, please do not hesitate to call Quality Clean on 0800 246 5444 or email on

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