Hard Floor Cleaning

At Quality Clean London, our specialist cleaning team can thoroughly clean and polish any hard floor surface including:

  • Wood floors 
  • Safety floors 
  • Vinyl floors 
  • Linoleum floors 
  • Painted concrete floors 
  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Quarry tiles 
  • Marble and limestone

Best Price

Our rates are extremely competitive. They are calculated depending on the type of the hard floor and the cleaning process and start only from £2.00 per sq/m.

Using our most advanced hard floor cleaning system, equipment and solutions, we can safely remove years of built up grime, most ground in dirt and leave your floor shining like new.

Our specialist floor cleaning team are fully trained and have a wealth of knowledge about a wide variety of flooring, deep set staining, deep down soiling, etc.

We are able to identify the source of the problem and using the best solutions and equipment to fully restore and prolong the life of your floor and revive your tiles grout lines.

All of the work is carried out by highly skilled, trained technicians who have great experience in professional hard floor maintenance and care using the latest materials. The process, machinery, skill, knowledge and product vary depending on the type of the floor, that is why we are here to help with a professional advise to choose a service that suits your requirements, expectations and budget.

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To book one of our cleaners to visit your property, please do not hesitate to call Quality Clean on 0800 246 5444 or email on info@quality-clean.co.uk.

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