Mattress Cleaning

At Quality Clean London, our specialist cleaning team can thoroughly clean your mattresses to an extremely high standard.

We work with the latest Prochem carpet cleaning machine and Prochem cleaning materials. Our mattress cleaning is 100% efficient against dust mites and their droppings.

Our dedicated cleaning team can provide a deep clean process to your mattress using the most advanced solutions and equipment which will leave your mattress clean and sanitized reducing the risk of allergic reactions caused by dust mites.

Mattresses are the ideal environment for dust mites to live. Dust mites feed on bacteria infested flakes of dry skin belonging to you or your pet/s. Up to 2500 dust mites have been found in one gram of dust. The average double mattress contains up to 2 million dust mites. It is the excrement of these dust mites which contains allergens and it has been medically proven that these can cause Asthma, Eczema and bronchitis to name but a few.

A regular hygiene programme is crucial to ensuring your mattress remains free from contaminants and continues to provide you with a safe and healthy sleeping environment during it’s lifespan.

We guarantee that all of the dirt will be removed and all of the tough stains will be efficiently treated.

Quality Clean London can help – please give us call on 0800 246 5444 to arrange a visit.

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